Hidden – Emma Kavanagh

A gripping psychological thriller by a former police psychologist. Perfect for fans of Nicci French, Tana French and S. J. Watson.


A gunman is stalking the wards of a local hospital. He’s unidentified and dangerous, and has to be located. Urgently.

Police Firearms Officer Aden McCarthy is tasked with tracking him down. Still troubled by the shooting of a schoolboy, Aden is determined to make amends by finding the gunman – before it’s too late.


To psychologist Imogen, hospital should be a place of healing and safety – both for her, and her young niece who’s been recently admitted. She’s heard about the gunman, but he has little to do with her. Or has he?

As time ticks down, no one knows who the gunman’s next target will be. But he’s there. Hiding in plain sight. Far closer than anyone thinks…

This is a story that grips you from the first sentence, it draws you in quite suddenly with a violent jerk into a massacre of bodies and bloody scenes told from a survivors point of view, you have no idea what is happening or why but what you do know is that you damn sure you need to keep reading to find out.

I am a fan of this shocker exposure to the start of a story as it grabs hold, tight, making a great first impression especially when introduced to a new author I have yet to explore the works of

I admit I found it difficult to process each time frame in my head in relation to the next, simply because I was so desperate to read the chapter and discover as much as I could whilst turning the pages.  At no point was I ever confused as I was swept through the book page by page riding the back of a tsunami thundering along towards the shore, never wanting to pause a minute for breath or stop reading – the excitement was addictive. 

I was convinced I knew the identity of the killer’s, absolutely certain I had it right, Kavanaugh presented a handful of suspects, steering the reader a predictable way building a very strong case around that one in particular….unfortunately I was wrong in my suspect and shocked at the outcome, which is a clear sign of talented writing on Kavanagh’s part as an author.

I didn’t have a favourite character. There were aspects of the main characters I didn’t like and sadly this influenced me against them as a whole. I disliked characters more so than liked them finding their behaviour irritating and unjust. Again this displayed clever emotive evoking writing from the author.

The underlying story felt sad with everyone feeling slightly broken. I was, however, holding out hope and rooting for a positive happy ending.

On finishing the story I felt exhausted but satisfied 

Reading the Hidden has provoked the question of who are the kind of people who really are hidden in plain sight and exactly what they are hiding from. A very thought provoking and engaging read.


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