Siren – Annemarie Nearey


Róisín Burns has spent the past twenty years becoming someone else; her life in New York is built on lies.

A figure from her Belfast childhood flashes up on the news: Brian Lonergan has also reinvented himself. He is now a rising politician in a sharp suit. But scandal is brewing in Ireland and Róisín knows the truth.

Armed with the evidence that could ruin Lonergan, she travels back across the Atlantic to the remote Lamb Island to hunt him down.

But Lonergan is one step ahead; when Róisín arrives on the island, someone else is waiting for her…

The insight into life in Ireland set in times gone by is a frightening glimpse to bear. Roisin, an innocent, her life destroyed, just because as feeble as that and she had no choice, she had no life, Lonergan made certain that was the case.

Told in the present and through the history of Roisin’s life time we hear of the tragedy she has endured, feel the depth of her fear and understand her pain, she is a frightened character trying to remain strong and curb her fear but Lonergan can see right through the facade.

The setting for the novel is beautiful, the island of Lamb, the descriptiveness allowing the reader to breathe in the clean crisp air and feeling the chilled spray of the salty sea. The scenes set in Belfast and surrounding areas are dark, gritty and dirty, setting these parts of the story against the perfect backdrop and providing the dark controlled fearful history that Roisin has come from, her homeland.

I believed in everything Roisin wanted to achieve, I felt her fear and I understood her caution. I feel sad that Boyle was so very misrepresented as a character and as part of the community on the Island, he was a good man but misjudged and only wanted what was best.

You think it is all over, you are right on the last page and then…everything changes with chance. Such a wonderful character and so very brave regardless of the consequences.

Very well written and a very powerful, yet political story.


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