Between You and Me – Lisa Hall

They say every marriage has its secrets.

But no one sees what happens behind closed doors.

And sometimes those doors should never be opened …

Sal and Charlie are married. They love each other. But they aren’t happy. Sal cannot leave, no matter what Charlie does – no matter how much it hurts.

This is a book you must read, you will both like and dislike the characters, and hope that Charlie gets the comeuppance that is just deserved.

The story is told from two different perspectives, one from the husband and one from the wife. It is very interesting as you witness both sides of each and every event and hearing it from both points of view, which is realistic and very clever.

Through the main characters, Sal and Charlie, we learn of their histories, able to piece together how the couple lived their lives discovering what made them happy, why they loved each other.  We are introduced to their families and provided an insight into family traditions and see strong bonds formed and great friendships forged from one side and the desolate family shape of the other and how that affects the marriage. Laura is a very valuable character within this novel and a very good friend when one is needed.

Hall writes with clear crisp clarity, evoking emotions of anger and frustration within the reader and sympathy and sadness as we bear witness to some very horrific events that happen behind closed doors.

Some of the book makes uncomfortable reading and may cause you to shout out loud for Sal to see reason. I adored Sal and wanted nothing more than a happy ending.

Hall tackled a brave subject giving it a loud voice, the book is thought provoking and frightening that this situation is a reality for some people. Hall is a talented writer and I can’t wait to read more.


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