The Art of Letting Go – Chloe Banks

To the inhabitants of Brackton, retired physicist Rosemary Blunt is nothing but a respectable recluse. But Rosemary has a secret, and he’s lying comatose in a hospital only a few miles away. Should she let him live, or let him go? Into the midst of Rosemary’s dilemma comes bohemian artist, Ben. His abstract pictures and fixation with painting God disturb Rosemary, and yet she finds herself unable to keep away. As summer passes and an unlikely friendship develops, it becomes clear that Rosemary is not the only one with something to hide. Nor is she the only one battling the ghosts of the past. Rosemary and Ben must decide whether to trust each other, choosing between the madness of admitting the truth and the insanity of maintaining their lies. With their lives unravelling around them, can they help each other to confront the past, or are there some secrets too terrible to be told?

I am not sure of the story behind how I happened to buy The Art of Letting Go but I am so glad I did.  Within the beginnings of the first pages I was in love, the writing was so beautifully placed and words strung together that belonged. I became in awe of the sentences, the phrases and descriptives and hooked on how the scenes were set, the face of the weather, the colours of the paint and each minute characteristic of each person playing their part amongst each page.

The sea was the colour of madness on the day I first met Ben. Not Slate or Ash, Gunmetal or Battleship, just grey.

I fell in love with the words before they had landed onto the page. The descriptives were everything I ever craved within a novel….descriptive allowing my imagination to fill in the blanks, not that there were many to fill.

The Art of Letting Go is a story about life and how it isnt really so simple but yet it should be. It is about adventure and longing and colours and bold attributes and allowing yourselves the what ifs… the characters are strong and formed and individual. Each with a history yet a purpose and a yearning for living, even if it has yet to be realised. It is about friendship and passion and creativity. It is about being free and letting go…

It is amazing and I highly recommend it completely and wholeheartedly and it will stay with me forever and ever. Chloe Banks will join my list of favourite authors. I am unable to credit her enough. This is my best read of March.


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