Bloq – Alan Jones

A father waits in Glasgow’s Central Station for his daughter, returning home from London for Christmas. When the last train has pulled in, and she doesn’t get off it, he makes a desperate overnight dash to find out why. His search for her takes over his life, costing him his job and, as he withdraws from home, family and friends, he finds himself alone, despairing of ever seeing her again.

This is a gritty crime novel with some sexual content

Bloq is a novel you feel with all five senses, feeling the grit, the grime and seedy undertones of a darker world hiding behind the surface of the London backdrop. Seeing the scenes unfold before our eyes as we bear witness to a fathers determination to save his daughter and how his journey consumed his every waking moment. Hearing the harsh language and broken dialect of the unsavoury Albanian’s underside, listening and absorbing as he slowly exploits and manipulates resulting in the reduction of people into shadow husks of their former beings. Feeling the emotion straining at the seams and pushing the limits of unconditional love, anger, jealousy, fear and exertion. Finally smelling the stale urine odour, the warm metallic blood splashed upon hard concrete floors and the rotted flesh when things go wrong.

This is a novel you live through.

The descriptiveness and scene settings are faultless, written with such depth I could have been watching on screen. The whole novel is a mixed bag of emotion, pure raw emotion leaving the reader distraught and overwhelmed moving at a fast pace and a fast shift from happiness to heart wrenching sobs. This is a novel to be read with eyes wide open and chewing of the nails as it discusses real issues that can happen to anyone, those surreal situations that you wish to never find yourself involved in but not everyone is worthy of trusting and something as simple as ‘attraction’ can lead to a whole lot more.

Bill Ingram is by far an outstanding character, written multifaceted and shinning like a jewel he portrayed the perfect father, a solid friend, a considerate lover and the most selfless character I have ever read about within a novel. He should be exemplary to others.

Reading the novel over two days I found it an ultimate thriller, absorbing read and eater of real time. From the degrading funeral as the opening scene to the cairn of rocks in the latter, this story will take you on a journey down the back and beyond through the dark and the underworld passing the drug infused abyss the sexual highlights and grit beneath the streets of London, way down beneath, not all that far from the gates of hell.

Today I had a book hangover, I dreamt of the Bloq and found it devoured my thoughts throughout the day. I feel high from a drug rush and now I am slowly coming back down and having withdrawal symptoms. There is so much depth to this excellent novel, so much I haven’t mentioned and so much you simply need to discover for yourself….but be careful, once you are hooked…..there is no turning back. ¬†



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