LOVE and a Dozen Roast Potatoes – Simon Wan

The strongest image from the first few years of my life is of a shining beacon of rebellion and beauty: Princess Leia. She was sassy, and she knew her way around a blaster. We’re starting from the very beginning, so no hot sauce until I’m at least 16, and when I say hot sauce I mean sex. 

Such is the life of our hero as he negotiates the twin ambitions of finding the love of his life and becoming a superstar, and taking “the one” to his Mom’s for her famous Sunday roast. It’s a life tale of comic disasters, sex (lots of sex), relationship woes, and discovering your nakedness plastered over social media. Warm, funny, very hip, this is David Nicholls with the naughty bits on display for the world to see.


Have you read this book? What? Why not? you are missing a massive treat. Simon Wan is one exciting man with a story and a half to share and lordy has he lived life to the full at only just 40..

This is one of those stories where you become absorbed, it takes over your life for days, you want to know what happens and all the while you wish Simon was a part of your life too with his energy being contagious, exciting and tantalising with his abundance of women, his love for music and dayglo rave wear and his massive passion for hot sauce…along with the roast potatoes of course.

I didn’t know what to expect on reading this book, I guess you could say I went in blind, it just appealed, felt the right time to try something different, something with that added pizazz a bit of light reading. I was hooked by chapter three and laughing out loud on the public transport at the antics of the 8 year old mastering the art of kiss chase in the playground.

The amount of love this man has to offer is admirable. Simon Wan is a man of passion in every sense of the word. In every feeling he possesses and with all of his senses, he is a passionate man and gives very freely indeed. If you can’t enjoy yourself and live your life to the max then why bother? I adore his honesty and his exposure to the world. Each and every new love is slightly mad in her own way and the tales we follow are hilariously written.

Reading this book does one of two things. The first being makes you clamp your hand over your mouth in disbelief at the antics he gets up to or secondly that it is OK to love hot sauce and have it regularly.  The language is choice but it works, the story telling is addictive and that works too, the people are real and alive, which obviously they are, but they jump from the page and his little nicknames for them all work beautifully.

Simon Wan had an array of girlfriends and it seemed that the next was very different from the last. I wasn’t keen on them all admittedly, but his descriptions for each were really engaging allowing the reader great visuals. The relationship he had with his brother and long standing friends were written with dedication, loyalty and warm hearted love. These were the people who mattered and supported him regardless and this he knew, They may not have played a large part within the pages of his story but they certainly held a large part of his heart…the bit that wasn’t constantly being broken that is.


The young man holding her hand had only allowed me one single frame of existence. It must have been a strong grip. A secret grip of a young man who knows he is about to lose something incredible. I had stolen one single frame of existence and that was all I needed. In that one frame I saw the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. It was as if every single cell in her body was beaming. That single frame was a stolen moment. In that moment she told me her whole life story, what she loved, what she hated, who she wanted to be and that she would fall in love with me the instant I found her again. That single stolen frame of existence was all I needed to be one hundred percent certain that this girl would one day be my wife. I had to find her. My life depended on it.

Putting the story aside lets address the book. I often read from a kindle but I was honoured to receive a glossy hard copy to wrap my fingers around (Urbane Publication really do rock). The cover is beautiful, the colours fresh with a bold quirky feel. The pages, all 288 of them are of excellent quality and the print is clear, crisp and just the right size. Overall just the perfect size to stash in your handbag and read at breakfast, dinner and tea and all the other available opportunities in between.
So, Simon says there will be another book….there has to be…

Simon Wan is as big as life itself and loves everything he lives for and lots of feisty women too.


We wandered around the city chewing sunglasses, following smoke trails and hiding our giggles until it was night. Time flies when you’re flying. In a blink we were standing in front of a boarded up carousel in the centre of the city. A loosely tied rope our only barrier into an unknown realm of firetrucks and one seat jumbo jets. We had to get in. The street lights shone just bright enough through the thin tarpaulin. The world outside forgot it existed. Everything glittered. The diamond shaped bulbs that lined every surface were singing to us. We crammed our bums into any seat that could take it and we became rulers of the secret fun fair, the King and Queen of the merry go round. We knew we couldn’t stay forever. Surely, someone would be coming soon to evict us and put end to our acid adventure so we decided to escape. Summoning the courage to leave and saying goodbye to our favourite funny cars we ran out, tarpaulin flapping behind us. We both stopped dead. We were trapped in a beam of light.

This is a must read book…you must read it whilst eating roast potatoes and drinking coconut flavoured rum.


About the Author

Simon Wan spent his early life dodging detentions and falling in love all over the UK and Ireland. His love for girls is matched by his love of cats, skateboards, food, music and robots. A post university adventure in pop music took him to the strangest night clubs and festivals and his adventures in filmmaking took him all over the world. Simon recently took to stage and screen and attained international acclaim with nominations and awards for his performances in British Kung Fu film drama “Dog” and stage production “Mr Foo” with Tina Malone.

He has now decided to become author because he can write books wearing just a towel and he can type really fast.

‘Simon’s novel is outrageously funny and poignantly honest in its depiction of one man’s search for true love. The writing sizzles with restless energy.’ –Bryan Oliver, writer and director of The Actors Gateway

“A promise of relentless energy, noise, a lot of madness and probably a lot of drugs, which luckily is exactly what Simon Wan delivers – bar the drugs” RANKIN (The photographer)

“He goes way beyond passion” FEARNE COTTON

“The guy’s energy is incredible, I just wish I had his hair” LIMAHL

“I said he should write a book, and he did” EVA POPE

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Ps. Urbane Publications publish some really quirky works!


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