EXCLUSIVE – Love and a Dozen Potatoes – Simon Wan

Remember that
awesome book I reviewed by Simon Wan? Have you bought it yet? read it, discussed it with your friends or wished Simon was in your life?? If you havent we, yes we, meaning Simon and I, have a little treat…feast your eyes on this little ‘one off original piece’ wriiten especially for me to share with you. 


In a world that’s fast declining into a dark and scary place I think that the only solution is spreading more love. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that we all throw our shoes away and grow turnips and play folk songs. I mean just love in general.

Love is a powerful thing and it makes us do stupid things but it also makes us do incredible things. It makes us take risks and dedicate our minds and our bodies to something, even if to the outside eye it may seem a bit weird or stupid, or a massive waste of time.

I’m not suggesting that we all throw our shoes away and grow turnips and play folk songs. I mean just love in general.

Having lived in and around London for the last decade, I’ve never felt the need to buy a car. Trains are expensive, but they are great, when they run on time, and often I see groups of old men and nerdy young kids hanging around the platform with a little lunch box and a note pad. Trainspotters. What the fuck are they all about? You can take the piss easily, why waste your time at a train station and never go anywhere. The answer? Probably because they love it. It fills them with a joyful feels bomb every time they tick off a number on a list and I say good on them. They know what they’re doing is a bit weird, I’m certain they do. After all trainspotters have never been ‘cool’. They have never graced the front pages of ‘Cosmo’ and I’m guessing they don’t get a lot of backstage sauce from screaming drunk teenage fans, but so what? Who cares? If it makes them happy then who are we to judge them.

I was addicted to falling in love, and in an very self destructive way, I was addicted to getting my heart broken.

The only trouble is when the love becomes an obsession. An addiction. This is where I went wrong in my unending search for the ‘Perfect Princess’. I don’t think it was actually the struggle to find my ‘soul mate’ or that special someone I felt to be so important, I was addicted to falling in love, and in an very self destructive way, I was addicted to getting my heart broken. Those same feelings of meeting someone new and the chemicals that flood your body when you look into their eyes is just as powerfully addictive as that feeling of having your whole world pulled out through your guts. So, we should avoid addictive and destructive love. Got it.

So how do we share more love? By being honest with yourself. Tell people what you love, what floats your boat and gives you those immeasurable silly tingles. It can be anything. I’m going to to be honest and open and say that I love cats, cooking and K-Pop. In no particular order. But now, you know something about me, it wasn’t a list of things that piss me off or get on my tits, it was just a sentence full of things that make me happy. I shared it with you and it was pretty easy. Now if you don’t like cats, and hate pop music, that’s cool. We don’t have to have an argument about it.

There’s a few things in the world that I don’t like much, but we don’t need to start a fight. The point here is that I spread a little love, no matter how small or unimportant. Obviously if you love being a twat and being horrible to people then there’s something wrong with you, because, who in their right mind loves that? Horrible twats more than likely.

Now most people, especially men have been conditioned to love what their friends love. Thousands of miserable fellows trudging to a football pitch on a rainy afternoon, just because that’s what you do. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m certain that a great deal of them love the game, the sportsmanship, the history and belonging to a tribe, but I’m also quite sure that a lot of them would actually rather just sit in the garden with their kids making fairy castles out of Lego, but you can’t do that, what would your mates think down the pub? To do something you really love takes bravery. Loving something is easy, being brave isn’t. If only we could all just be honest and do the things that we love without reprisal, the world would be in a better shape.

If that wasn’t enough and you are keen for more then buy Simon’s debut book Love and a Dozen Roast Potatoes for much much more.


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