Boy 9 Missing – Nic Joseph

In the tradition of Defending Jacob or Drowning Ruth, this is a suspenseful debut that explores the ramifications of revenge, justice, and the aftermath of a terrible night in the lives of two families.

It should have been just a quiet evening with friends. But Francis lost his brother that night in what was ruled a tragic accident. He’s tried to move on in the last twenty-three years, even though his father certainly hasn’t. Indeed, his father still blames the lone witness, Sam, the nine-year-old son of friends. Perhaps if Sam would have just said something, anything, about what happened that night, but Sam still seems unable-or unwilling-to utter a word about the accident.
And now, twenty-three years later, Sam’s own nine-year-old son has disappeared.

What a brilliant read this book was. This was  a story I really enjoyed and found I flew through with really clever fluid writing written from a great perspective and point of view that just pulled me inside right to the heart of the story. Boy 9 Missing is a story like no other I have read and certainly that something different.

I liked Francis he felt right

I am a very big fan of the first person point of view. I feel it evokes more feeling and emotion bringing you closer to the character and provides an element of imagining you are them. Francis was a good solid character, complex, complicated and frustrating at times, many times but yet he was a good character.  I liked Francis he felt right, he was not without his problems, phobias, issues and inner conflicts but he had a good heart and wanted justice, he wanted the best for everyone, even if he didn’t know how to deliver or what the right choices really were, at least he tried.

Sometimes all I could concentrate on was finding Matthew Farr. I forgot we were searching for the truth.

Boy 9 MIssing was based on a delicate distressing subject although written beautifully and meaningful displaying the array of mixed emotions, showing what happens by having or not having the courage to have those difficult conversations with people you need to have them with and those that you love.

The sub stories were an interesting entwine into the main plot which threw you off the sense you knew where things were headed causing confusion about who did what and why.

Sometimes all I could concentrate on was finding Matthew Farr. I forgot we were searching for the truth. When the truth is revealed it is clever and one hell of an eye opener! Something that shocked me. It was a cracking read!

I would love to read more from Nic Joseph, she has a talent right there that author and want to hear more of her voice written into words. Highly recommended.


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