In Too Deep – Samantha Hayes

Your husband goes out to buy a newspaper. He never comes back.

Months later, an unexpected phone call puts you and your daughter in unimaginable danger. 

Even if he were still alive, your husband can’t save you now. 

He told you way too many lies for that.

I love the work of Samantha Hayes, her books seem to keep me gripped. In Too Deep was no different.

Although I worked some things out and knew that characters were behaving rather strange I never realised what was coming.

I enjoyed how everyone linked in and how relationships worked. The relationship between Hannah and her mum was very realistic and believable with suggestions that this borders on a ‘coming of age’ story as Hannah is struggling to deal with her problems and find herself. and

The abandonment Gina felt was real and a cructial part played when you lose someone close to you

The abandonment that Gina felt from her husband, the police officers and even her daughter at times radiates throughout the novel and is weaved in very well, leaving the reader feeling deeply emotionally attached. The disillusion she felt, which was understandable and a very necessary part of the grieving procedure was portrayed beautifully.

Gina was a great character and played a very good part, the reader, especially those who have been through similar hardships could easily connect with her. Susan on the other hand is harsh and cold. I don’t think we ever see the real Susan or understand her need. Even in the end I found her actions confusing yet calculating and cruel.

Then there is Rick. The man the book is written about.

What do we really know about him and how do we really feel about him. On reflection, after reading the book, not very much. Again a good character, complex and intricate but in reality I am not so sure he would exist as a person.  A weak and selfish soul.

A good read that I would recommend, along with the other novels written by Samantha Hayes.





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