12 Months ago today was the day my Book Reviewing Blog, Addiction of Books, was born. Today is the first birthday and to celebrate I have collaborated with the author of my most successful blog post to bring you a smashing bookish gift.

Before all of that though I have a few thank you’s to say.

My first thank you goes to ALL OF YOU

thank you for taking those precious minutes out to read my reviews and better still asking for my recommendations and buying books based on what I have said about them.

Thank you to the handful of you amazing authors

who take the time out to connect and appreciate my works. My favourite line being that ‘she really gets it’ and I do, I understand novels on lots of different levels and hope that this comes across in my reviews. It takes time to write a review, to absorb the finished story in full, analyse it and capture all aspects of this eloquently in writing to present back to the person who spent the time writing the book, that very precious thing they created, waiting on your words hoping that at least some aspect of it worked well. Better still when you can tell the author your review has sold a handful of books for them, which does happen, encouraging them to continue and supporting them wholeheartedly.

Feedback for a reviewer is as important to them as a review is to an author and so very satisfying when you make someone happy after writing your review. I do not write bad reviews, If the book isn’t for me I will try to find an aspect of it that worked and praise that instead, as readers we are all individual and enjoy different books and writing styles. What doesn’t work for me may be another reviewers favourite read and to write a poor review feels selfish, to write is a very hard journey and labour intensive full of rejection without explanation and frustrated tears, I try to remember that when I am reviewing a book and look at thing objectively and being open-minded.

I want to thank those publishers who welcome my reviews and send me books to review

those who are appreciative and grateful for the reviews I prepare. I enjoy catching up and hope our relationships grow from strength to strength.

In the past year I have learnt that

  • Not every book is my kind of read,
  • That sometimes a recommendation that I never thought I would enjoy becomes my favourite classic.
  • We are all unique and individual and not everyone likes the same genres (which is not a bad thing)
  • That sometimes the hype destroys the story
  • I never read a review of a book until I have written mine and often go into reading blind not knowing what the book is about, which is easy to do when reading on kindle.
  • It is ok to refuse to review and say no.
  • All books need reviewing, not just the new releases, older books need some loving too.
  • I really enjoy reading a book at the same time as others, I enjoy the book related discussions.
  • It’s always better to review a book within 24 hours after completion, although I do make notes as I go along.
  • I love engaging with the author during the reading of their book, twitter is amazing for that reason.

The stats alone over the past year have been incredible

When I started out I never anticipated that my reviews but be so popular, in a whole twelve months my blog has been viewed a staggering 10,531 times. The most popular post receiving 897 alone!

* * Which brings me to my GIVEAWAY * *

This year saw me reading the hilarious autobiography of Simon Wan. I am not a fan of autobiographies and tend to avoid non-fiction yet the cover for this pulled me right in.

One of the best decisions I have ever made especially after being the very first person to review his book

Simon has been so delighted with the exposure he has sent me a signed copy of his book to giveaway to one lucky person. This is not a book you want to miss.

Happy first birthday to the blog that gently and sensually broke my review virginity. The blog was very gracious and made me feel special. Being my debut book I was nervous, I had no idea how it would go. Would I be any good? Would I reach the end of my chapters too soon and have to just lay there wondering what I could have done to be a better read. Luckily the words that followed were kind, honest and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Here’s to another great year of words, reading and tinkering in the fantastic. Lots of love, Simon Wan. X

* To enter into the giveaway click here *


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