behind the reviews; the reviewer

untitled-drawing-6Reading is a constant in my life. At times I lose the love and struggle with finding the right thing but eventually it calls me back, reassures me and balances me back out.

Writing about the books I really like or want to talk about is a great way to spread the word and share the love. It gives recognition to the author and planting the seed for the reader to give something new a try.

I appreciate we do not all read the same genre, we will disagree on authors and sometimes lose the interest in the sequels. You are not going to like all of my reviews, you will not enjoy all the same books as I, but at least you can pop on over the next time you need a new book to read and hopefully find something that takes your fancy. I appreciate the time and effort an author puts into their work and just because it isn’t for me doesn’t mean it isn’t a great piece of work.

I am not one for providing a negative review and if it wasn’t a book I would recommend I tend to not post it on my blog. Bear in mind that my review is just my personal opinion and may not always be exactly what you want to hear or agree with, which is okay, just don’t ask me to change my review to suit you. If you want me to write my review then please accept it as written. If you wish for your book to be reviewed to appeal to a certain audience then please do not ask me to review in the first place.

Some of my reviews you will enjoy, connect with, relate to and agree on. There is such satisfaction in an author messaging me to say ‘you got it’ and that makes me feel I have achieved because, yes, I do get it and whilst reading that book, I live, breath and dream it. I’m passionate about the ones I adore and become a broken record with my recommendations. If you chose to read the ones I recommend the choice is yours.

I am a very emotional reader, I become one with the books I read and connect with the characters, I am not very good at reading books in order, I try but sometimes I simply don’t fancy the next one in the queue and switch the order….this means you may be waiting a little longer for me to review. With a hectic lifestyle I am not the best with blog tour participation and when asked to review, don’t be offended if I don’t commit sometimes the time is just not right and I wouldn’t want to disappoint. I may take a while to review because I find allowing time to reflect on the story changes the way I view it and feel towards it – not everything can be processed immediately.

I love nothing better than a good book discussion with avid readers. I really enjoy talking about books I enjoyed and most importantly why I did, why they appeal, writing styles and when a book didn’t capture my attention and why. I have created a book chat sister site to my reviewing blog called The Reader Diaries where I talk about the books I am reading as I read them rather than just reviewing them when finished. This is a new aspect and will be developed throughout the year.

In the past year I have learnt that

  • Not every book is my kind of read,
  • That sometimes a recommendation that I never thought I would enjoy becomes my favourite classic.
  • We are all unique and individual and not everyone likes the same genres (which is not a bad thing)
  • That sometimes the hype destroys the story
  • I never read a review of a book until I have written mine and often go into reading blind not knowing what the book is about, which is easy to do when reading on kindle.
  • It is ok to refuse to review and say no.
  • All books need reviewing, not just the new releases, older books need some loving too.
  • I really enjoy reading a book at the same time as others, I enjoy the book related discussions.
  • I love engaging with the author during the reading of their book.
  • Statistics are not the reason I review and blog. I read to recommend and share the love.

Reading is my therapy.