behind the reviews; the reviewer

untitled-drawing-6I read. I read all the time.

Writing about all the books I really like is a great way to spread the word and share the love, and that, my friends, is the best way to live your life.

You are not going to like all of my reviews, you will not enjoy all the same books as I, but at least you can pop on over the next time you need a new book to read and hopefully find something that takes your fancy.

Some of my reviews though, you will love. There is such satisfaction in an author messaging me to say ‘you got it’ THAT makes me feel amazing because, yes, I do get it, whilst reading a book, I live, breath and dream it. Im passionate about the ones I adore and become a broken record with my recommendations.

I am a very emotional reader, I become one with the books I read and connect with the characters, I am not very good at reading books in order, I try but sometimes I simply don’t fancy the next one in the queue and switch the order….this means you may be waiting a little longer for me to review…although I am exceptional at meeting a deadline so I guarantee delivery for all blog-tours I participate in.

Reading is my therapy.